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Val Price

Health & Wellness Coach

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Val Price  is a Certified Health, Life and Transformational Coach. She completed her training from the Health Coach Institute.

She is passionate about wellness and personal development which has enabled her to facilitate wellness retreats around the world. Building community is central to each unique retreat experience, and is of the utmost importance to her. Val’s vision is to help others be inspired and live their best lives now!

Her drive for helping others and giving back on a global scale has led her to do meaningful work on give back retreats with OmLuxe. She facilitates Wellness Workshops as well as Personal Coaching Sessions with clients on these life changing retreats.

She teaches the CIJ Insight for Life, a course that is based on a Stanford University Masters Degree class in mindfulness and emotional intelligence. She teaches at different levels for kids, teens and adults.

In between retreats, she spends time in her home country of the Philippines and her California US residence. She’s an avid lover of nature, the environment and animals. She has a passion for photography and loves to capture the moment

You Can Connect With Me Here!

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